Turnkey Business Opportunities

Turnkey Business Opportunities

Although some franchises are known as turnkey, a non-franchise turnkey business will not have continuous royalty fees after the initial cost to purchase, and will not require the business owner to follow regulations and guidelines for how to run the business. The turnkey operator will own the business and have the autonomy to perform it as he or she sees fit, but will not get the ongoing support and help that a franchisor contributes.

Preparing to open a business can take hundreds of hours and delay opening for weeks or months, while a turnkey operation is ready to go now. Another advantage is the independence from all the restrictions a franchise puts on the business. Not having to pay royalties can also be a plus, although the flip side is no ongoing support from a franchisor.

The risk of a turnkey business may be slightly higher than for a franchisee because of the lack of ongoing support, but the lack of royalties can improve the profit margin and lower the risk sometimes, as well. Turnkey businesses are often less costly overall than franchises despite the margin for turnkey services.

MCG established a turnkey business opportunity to include everything an owner needs to get started in the business from A to Z. This includes the business model, permits, name, location, equipment, and inventory. Ideal business approach for a buyer which needs to do is "turn the key" and open the door to get the business up and running. 

However, in most cases, the turnkey business owner will have to hire staff if needed before opening, MCG offers a unique turnkey business opportunity which includes the full service of the recruitment process and further management and profit-sharing to guarantee profitability and efficiency of the setup business based on mutual agreement with a business owner. 

MCG’s turnkey package provides the entire business from concept to application. Although you are paying for the labour it took to put the opportunity together and get it ready for you to turn the key and start or take over the business. MCG provides a tailored approach to every business owner.

MCG recommends you to consider the business and whether you have the expertise, opportunities and passion to make it work is also important. 

MCG does not only promise to get the business open. We promise our pure intentions on providing good customer service, marketing and manage the business together with the business owner.