Health Care Services

Health Care Services

Prevention, therapy, and supervision of illness and improvement of mental and physical wellbeing represent global priorities for national economies and individual participants in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Complicated regulatory environments, growing competition and pricing pressures, and ageing business models all pose significant challenges. As the challenges continue to grow, our specialists work together to provide an evidence-based, clinically driven and systems-focused approach to address the critical issues facing the healthcare industry. Outsourcing and strategic partnerships open up new perspectives and relationship management competence to be mastered. 

Management Consulting Group aims to discover innovative solutions that optimize performance in the short term and prepare for future strategic, operational, financial and legal challenges. We strive for the achievement of healthcare excellence through helping healthcare organizations achieve optimal clinical delivery, client and patient satisfaction, and financial performance. Moving on a wide range of resources and experience, our professionals create value for our clients through customized solutions. We help to re-define their operations and processes comprehensively, based on both patient-centric demands and accurate best business practices.

We leverage insight and experience across all aspects of the healthcare industry to help organizations anticipate change and overcome the multiple obstacles. Our approach is to bring together healthcare leaders with deep healthcare experience across financial, clinical, operational, IT, data analytics, and legal disciplines. 

 MCG is committed to a uniquely collaborative culture that overcomes barriers, building bridges between the diverse fields required to create robust organizational change, creating a healthy environment for all interested parties.

 We work closely with our clients, integrate our knowledge and experience to the complex and unique needs of each. We help our clients find new possibilities to improve performance in the short-term as well as achieve longer-term transformational change. 

Our team involves experienced healthcare economists, operational and IT managers, clinicians, accountants, recruiters and restructuring experts from a range of backgrounds working in healthcare systems across the United States, the United Kingdom, Asia and Europe, the Middle East and Africa (“EMEA”).

 We offer comprehensive experience in clinical operations, healthcare delivery, and strategy, combined with MCG’s wider expertise in legal and tax support, recruitment and restructuring, transformation and change management. Consequently, we can provide a full set of complex support services to healthcare organizations in finding the best solutions and making key decisions.