Change Management

Change Management

It has been proved that companies which continuously question their business model and their organizational form and can adapt to new market conditions at very short notice are more successful. The difficulty is to be able to make significant organizational changes in multiple corporate functions quickly and at any time. In reality, transformation tasks frequently fail because they are highly complex, those involved have differing expectations, or there are inconsistencies within the organization.

The success of a transformation is heavily influenced by the changes in processes, structures and the behaviour of the organization. As a result, these changes must be sustainably anchored, measurable and assessable. Strategy, business model, organizational and operational structure, cooperation models and last but not least performance management approach must be closely coordinated.

Companies are being faced with the challenges of organizational change. Implementing strategy programs, revising structures, accelerating processes – we consult you in how to attach multifaceted changes in your organization successfully and sustainably. Moreover, how to get your employees on board in transformation processes and unleash their energy optimally. 

MCG change experts disrupt old ways of thinking, foster behavioural changes in your company, and guide your transformation journey with precise diagnostics, cyclic approaches and implement the tailored concept of change. To do so, we use innovative and digital methods. We qualify your change agents, produce your dialogue formats, and introduce agile collaboration methods for you.

We have valuable cross-industry knowledge of all company functions. Using the right language and a comprehensive understanding of the challenges you face, we find individual and custom change solutions for your organization. 

The days when businesses, organizations, or public authorities were stable and reliable over a long period are over. Markets, technologies and values are changing rapidly. We assist you in the task of ensuring a successful transformation and increasing the performance of your organization effectively and noticeably. To do so, the teams, managers, and employees of your company must break away from familiar processes and thought patterns, unlearn old habits, and accept new things and recognize their usefulness.

Consultants of Management Consulting Group apply innovation to unlock fooled value within your organization, helping you embrace "disruptive insight" and transform to lead in the future. Today's landscape is fueled by disruptive technologies, and traditional R&D is seldom enough to keep pace. To become disruptors themselves, organizations must look beyond core business and think differently about innovation. We help you shape and deliver your most challenging transformation programmes and achieve lasting value from change.

Dedicated and motivated expert executors are the key to extraordinary performance. You must consider the social side professionally to transform your organization successfully. MCG's change experts know what you need and can offer you tailor-made solution approaches. Our communication and change measures increase the effectiveness of the transformation.

An effective change management system provided by MCG 's experts makes it possible to adhere to budgets and schedules. This is your guarantee of success when surrounding new work methods in the thoughts and actions of your employees. We will maximize your value creation with our tailor-made forms of cooperation:

Change advising: Guiding specialized projects and transformations;

Facilitation: Conceiving and moderating (extended) group formats;

Change education: Designing and implementing qualification formats;

Sparring: Making it possible to exchange best practices and reflections;

Motivational speeches: Holding inspiring talks from change experts;

Business coaching: Introducing team and individual coaching organizational change. And in doing so, we increase the effectiveness and performance of your organization, teams, and employees in a sustainable manner.

Our consultants effectively combine specialist knowledge with strong change management expertise. With our hands-on mentality, we support you in achieving the goal of your specific project.

We ensure you have what you need to realize your current change goals. MCG also helps transform your ability to take on more complicated change in the future.