Corporate Finance and Tax Planning

Corporate Finance and Tax Planning

Financial Accounting Services is a full-service tax and financial planning firm concentrating in tax compliance, wealth management, and wealth protection. We accept that financial planning is a process, not a product. It’s a process that requires building relationships, identifying your goals and manifesting a plan to meet those goals. We work with business owners and individuals to create unique approaches to help keep you concentrated on reaching your financial dreams.

Our teams of experts combine deep knowledge of banking, insurance, asset management, pensions and private equity with expertise in strategy, technology and innovation to help our clients adapt, transform and succeed.

We also understand regulators and have worked with them on some of their most far-reaching programs, and in some cases helping to set up new regulators. This means we can help our clients handle regulation as efficiently as possible, so they can focus more of their resources on creating better products or engagement with customers.

We help you to explore the future, whether it’s new products or new ways of doing business. We try to make large-scale transformation happen, delivering strategy, innovation and people together, use technology to delight customers, boost efficiency and free up resources.

Boards of directors and capital market elements increasingly manage a broad range of transaction and strategic situations that require proper forecast, valuation and transaction support experience, timeliness and responsiveness.

MCG’s practice provides a diverse and comprehensive service offering that meets the demands of today’s transaction environment. Our clients benefit from our confidence, practical guidance, and innovative solutions rooted in broad business and capital market experience.   MCG’s high value audits help organizations generate benefit from technology and business processes owned by the organization.

The global business model is changing. As consumers want new services, investors attempt more profit and less risk, governors demand higher standards of corporate governance and web-based technologies can generate new competitive opportunities and threats.

We handle your financial, accounting and taxation needs so you can focus on growing your core business. Trust our local team of accounting experts to guide and support your business operations through the preparation and filing of company tax declarations, keeping the company accounts and with the requirement of treasury services.

We are a proactive planning tax firm ready to aid you in tax preparation while helping you create, manage and protect your wealth. To us, financial planning isn’t just a product; It’s a process of getting to know you and identifying and reaching your goals faster than ever with reliable strategies.

Whether you’re a business owner, or an individual seeking financial freedom, our team is ready to help you make your financial goals a reality.