Trading & Investment

Trading & Investment

Investment management is in a period of rapid change, driven by changing investor preferences, margin compression, regulatory developments, and advancing technologies. 
 Due to the market volatility, complex and challenging industry environment, investment management business leaders should consider:
 - First, how to grow the business?                                                                     
 - Second, how to run the operations more efficiently? 
 - And next, how to deliver a high level of customer experience?

The answers to these questions are typically particular toeach organization and tend to evolve over time. Thus, investmentmanagement experts that address them with bright, strategicinvestments and effective execution are more likely toachieve success.                                                                                                      
Energy commodity markets are among the most volatile markets in the world. Natural gas, crude oil, coal and electricity have all experienced significant volatility in the last 5 years. This volatility creates opportunities for leaders that understand their risk profile and true exposure and use this information to drive profitability, operational excellence and cash flow.

MCG has a dedicated team of experts and professionals with real-world knowledge of trading, hedging, trade finance, operations management, demurrage, risk control, settlement and consulting experience necessary to solve the problems facing management in the fast-changing and dynamic business environment. We have worked closely with oil and gas producers, power generators, refiners, wholesale energy traders and retail energy marketers. We are here to help your organization adapt and manage the risks associated with volatile markets. Ensuring that you have the tools, methodologies, processes, culture and systems to properly evaluate, control your operations, manage your trading, marketing, finance and hedging and other activities affected by market and commodity exposure, hence you are able to encounter the future with confidence. 

MCG’s investment experts and professionals provide you with sustainable feedback to take an ongoing investment decision. Regardless of the valuable insight from quantitative empirical research about venture capital, it cannot tell to individual investors how to do Venture Investing well. Based on our experience we have identified a set of best practices to help Venture Capitalists to realize their full potential of venture investing while preserving several risks. The leaders of business units play a vital role in venture investment commitment and bestow inputs to investment decisions. 

We have defined below underlined Operating Principles:

  • Defining the investment parameters 
  • Establishing Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) strategies 
  • Researching the industries they target to invest (look beyond industry borders by specified geographical regions) 
  • Quantify risk tolerance levels by considering the cost of doing business and attractive Return on Equity (ROE)
  • Estimating duration of investment commitment (short, medium and long-run investing options)
  • Construct Budgeting schemes
  • Establish Management control panel
  • Organize corporate governance
  • Hire (and fire) relevant professional staff
  • Make entrepreneurial decisions such as to identify and evaluate business opportunities under uncertainty
  • Establish Administrative units by purchasing and constructing Fixed Assets and PPE (Property Plant and Equipment)
  • Prevent inherent business risks by a strong Risk management culture
  • Build a strong deal network
  • Knowledge transfer- to keep innovation information flowing, establish R&D and innovation process management by ensuring innovation develops with investment targets.