Transformation & Restructuring

Transformation & Restructuring

Smart technologies are accelerating the movement of change in the world. How people live their lives has changed. As customers, our digital, hyper-networked lives demand organizations pre-empt our every wish. Keeping up with this new world continues to be the ultimate goal, meaning organizations must forever look forward and continuously evolve.

There's a chance for those that take a unique approach to transformation. An approach that presents benefits continuously, not just at the end. But doing so takes sustained effort around a customized transformation strategy, not a single change program. The standard approach to transformation can't meet the challenges of the fast-paced change demanded today - consequences are needed more quickly. With continued change now the norm, businesses must create a customized transformation approach that fits their shifting needs. Urgent organizations struggle with complex structures and processes. Today’s top-performing businesses adopt simplicity to succeed in a disruptive environment. They build teams around products and services rather than skills, enable their people to make decisions and create a robust organizational structure to remove hierarchical bottle-necks. MCG works with clients to achieve favoured commercial and operational results. Our professionals focus on growing revenues by improving efficiencies, reducing unnecessary costs, evaluating business operations, facilitating change management, and mitigating operational improvements with financial performance.

We assist organizations that are underperforming or seeking profit improvement, as well as those in transition or those in the middle of a significant acquisition. Whatever the situation, we provide critical support services in rapid response to our clients’ financial performance needs. Our professionals take an intense, hands-on role, instilling confidence in our clients’ investors, lenders, and board members.

Joining two distinct business cultures is filled with challenges. We provide post-acquisition integration services, mentoring and coaching, including improving training programs and evaluating progress. We take a structured approach to change management, leveraging the extensive experience navigating these business situations:

  • Cost-reduction opportunity analysis;
  • Revenue and margin improvement strategies;
  • Productivity improvement;
  • Organization structure and effectiveness improvement;
  • Lean, Six Sigma and continuous improvement;
  • Metrics and Key Performance Indicators;
  • Supply chain and logistics improvement;
  • Strategic planning and growth strategies;
  • Project management assistance on a transaction embracing pre- and post-acquisition activities;
  • Expansion of a joint integration “leave-behind” methodology;
  • Filling the gaps where staffing support and technical skills are needed;
  • Recruitment and Headhunting;

Training and change management planning strategy stimulates change – so getting it right straight impacts the opportunity and success of your business. Implementing and supporting an effective strategy – including disruptive technology - is vital, but it also contains a lot of touching parts. 

MCG provides strategic and advisory services that facilitate organizations to achieve their goals and objectives. From visioning exercises to see what the future holds to building an initial IT roadmap for cloud migration, to third-party due diligence and predictive analytics, we work directly with our clients to maximize value and enable improved business performance. Our services include:

  • Digital transformation services
  • Strategy improvement & execution
  • Business transformation
  • Supply chain management via integrated ERP
  • IT transformation & operations
  • Analytics and intelligence

From our expertise with countless transformation projects, we know that a true transformation can only be achieved when we focus on people, and thus management and employees. In our work, we connect substantive matters with the social level because this is the only way to achieve true change. In real terms, this means that we form and coach your management staff parallel to consulting on material issues, in leadership development training, for instance, and support staff with team development methods.