Mergers & Acquisions

Mergers & Acquisions

Timelines are tight. Stakes are high. True opinion and professional advice are a necessity. Becoming ready to reach the full resources of an integrated global network and a team completely committed to transaction advisory can make all the difference.

Management Consulting Group optimizes outcomes for our clients through a deep understanding of the issues, challenges, and alternative strategies involved in each activity.

MCG experts bring a wide extent of experience through their work in various industry sectors, public accounting, investment banking, and management consulting. This multi-disciplinary background provides unique and valuable insights and recommendations to our clients.

The real estate industry has become preoccupied in many barriers not only limited to reduced property values, but also increased cap rates, and advancing debt maturities with limited refinancing options. Our entrepreneurial, hands-on approach delivers excellence in challenging timeframes by focusing on key issues and matters, proactively identifying services and opportunities to create and drive value for our clients.  

Our professionals help your organization in driving this landscape while managing risk and improving performance. We provide an array of consulting services to address difficulties across your finance, operations, information technology, audit, risk and compliance functions. 

At every stage of the investment cycle, investors face critical possibilities to create—or destroy—value. MCG's complete suite of M&A services, from generating deal flow to developing performance to maximizing exit value, helps investors make the right decisions and take the right steps.