Alternative Energy Resources

Alternative Energy Resources

The world is demanding for alternatives to fossil fuel-based energy and this has caused significant growth in recent years. Multiple large-scale projects regarding wind, solar, tidal and biofuels are currently underway, and all gathering considerable interest, research and investment.   

Alternative energy is generally developed as a resource which is produced or recovered without the undesirable outcomes inherent in fossil fuel use, particularly high carbon dioxide emissions (greenhouse gas). It is considered as an important factor in global climate change. As an emerging business sector, there are limited investment opportunities in alternative energy available to the general public. The public can buy shares of alternative energy companies from various stock markets. The returns for the same is, however, wildly volatile. 

Alternative energy providers encounter many of the same risks as their counterparts within the energy sector. Siting, building and managing large-scale alternative energy facilities is complex. The commodity produced is subject to competition within highly volatile commodity markets, and production volumes cannot be assured as easily as other forms of energy available within the market. As a consequence of these issues, tax incentives remain a particularly important issue for alternative energy providers. In this context, governments around the world have commenced providing the subsidies to solar and wind power production and manufacturing of EV’s to motivate investors and ensure an adequate return to them. 

Innovation is critical for success. Hence, organizations pursuing innovative infrastructure capital improvements need to keep in mind the pitfalls and risks that could disrupt these projects. To cope with challenges and risks require insightful and skilful management over planning and execution, including failure of contract compliance, utilization of efficient and well-controlled processes, and project risk assessments that could be implemented by our energy experts and professionals. 

MCG’s experienced professionals have many years of expertise dealing with these energy issues. We help our clients identify, measure, and execute their managerial, financial, operational and technology-related risks. Our energy consulting professionals possess finance, technology, accounting and engineering backgrounds, and a wide range of industry experience that can be leveraged to deliver tailored solutions to your company and help you accomplish growth and success in the future.

Managing and resolving environmental challenges and financial exposure through strategic consulting, communications or litigation support is of vital importance to both public and private entities. Our services aimed at helping organizations deal with a specific environmental issue or programmatic challenges. 

We intensely believe that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution, so our accredited consultants will conduct an on-site audit to fully understand our clients’ needs before providing a solution to allow them to increase their waste recycling, decrease their operating costs and implement environmentally friendly ways of working. 

With our holistic approach to waste management, we’ve helped countless entities, production units, sports venues, restaurants and cafes and many more clients develop their waste management process, save money and reduce their impact on the environment. Our team of experts are on hand to deliver bespoke utility management services for businesses looking to reduce their utility costs and manage their energy charge.