Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Global population growth has dramatically increased the overall demand for crude oil and natural gas. In response, over the past several years' exploration and production of oil and natural gas grew significantly around the world and driving significant capital investments. The most recent drop in the price for these commodities coupled with concerns over health and safety issues, carbon emissions and the viability of alternative energies, has created significant uncertainty in the industry.  

 This uncertainty creates opportunities for those with strong capital positions as distressed producers and capital equipment can be secured at significant discounts. In this environment, effective capital management and strong cost management are critical to staying online as prices rise again and more production methods become profitable.

 MCG energy industry consultants help exploration, production, refining and trading companies to optimize their financial, operational, regulatory and technology systems and processes. Our experts have worked extensively with oil and gas companies to help them respond to the difficulties they face today, including helping organizations restructure and emerge stronger. We help our clients to focus on and manage key risks and opportunities in creative ways that help them gain confidence even in the most challenging times. We work with you to anticipate the future, champion innovation, and unlock new potential in energy and utility markets. We bring together teams with global insight and local expertise to address your challenges and help you achieve your goals.

 We can help you do:

- Increase shareholder value to attract the investment you need to the future

- Capitalize on technology and use digital and mobile technology to meet the fast-changing business environment

- Navigate market and regulatory uncertainty

- We’ll help you stay out of dangers and determine the best opportunities ahead

- Make the right decisions even when a turn in policy and regulation make uncertain future difficult to foresee

- Improve performance for maintaining revenues and profitability

- Develop and keep your talents to achieve your strategic goals